Thursday, March 11, 2010

life is wat u make it.... back! lol! okey the past few days, i had fights with two of my very good friends! :-( i loved was really bad! a few days passed n i came to no how much they cared about me! one was being really sweet, he apologized! bt the second one.....he didn even care n i was so hurt....badly hurt! i was pretty sad for a few days...time passed on n i was waiting wonderin if he cud realize n thn we all will be happy n live happily ever after n all! bt no...sheeesh! that was so mean! he really didn care...n i thought about it n realized if somone doesnt even care how m i n all thn y shud i care abt em at all??? y shud i feel bad for somone who dosnt care...thank God i realized it! lol i mean now its a relief i dono why, feeling kind of light! i no wen i was sad, thnking abt wat happend, i didnt want to do anything n became kinda dull n my mood seemd to be off all the time n now i tried to have fun with who i have n what i have! for a while i thought about the good things around me n wel...felt happy about it! i went for shopping, got many was fun btw! i re-decorated my room, tried cooking som stuff n had really fun!
if we look at all the bad things i our life, thn we wont be able to even smile, we have to find n search happiness, life just offers us the chances, n we have to see em! we r the ones who can make our life exactly the way we want! look for wat makes us happy, makes us smile! n try the find the sweet lil things in is tough n hard not fun, unless u make it!