Monday, July 4, 2011

college ! :S

college is gona start in september, n yess i do want to get busy n start doing things, but i sooo am not ready for college , mainly because;
A) its not actually a college of my choice
B) im doing pre-engineering and my mom so does not want me to do that so i guess its gonna be a bit hard ! and she has no problem at all in criticizing me every minute! lol
i wanted to try out some painting lessons, but my daddy said it wud be useless! then i wanted to try out some coaching classes n then my MOM said it wud be useless!!!! n i kept thinking, if all of these things really ARE useless, why the heck do all my friends go around joining all these lessons and stuff? n they seem to be perfectly fine with em ! jeez! i have just got to say one thing :
LIVING IN A CITY LIKE 'PESHAWAR' IN A COUNTRY LIKE 'PAKISTAN' CAN SOMTIMES, WHICH IS ACTUALLY MOST OF THE TIME,BE VERY VERY HARD !!! we poor galz have nothng, at all, to do !!!!!! our mommy only wants us to do the chores ! ugh !!!!! im sorry, but, ANNOYING!