Monday, July 4, 2011

college ! :S

college is gona start in september, n yess i do want to get busy n start doing things, but i sooo am not ready for college , mainly because;
A) its not actually a college of my choice
B) im doing pre-engineering and my mom so does not want me to do that so i guess its gonna be a bit hard ! and she has no problem at all in criticizing me every minute! lol
i wanted to try out some painting lessons, but my daddy said it wud be useless! then i wanted to try out some coaching classes n then my MOM said it wud be useless!!!! n i kept thinking, if all of these things really ARE useless, why the heck do all my friends go around joining all these lessons and stuff? n they seem to be perfectly fine with em ! jeez! i have just got to say one thing :
LIVING IN A CITY LIKE 'PESHAWAR' IN A COUNTRY LIKE 'PAKISTAN' CAN SOMTIMES, WHICH IS ACTUALLY MOST OF THE TIME,BE VERY VERY HARD !!! we poor galz have nothng, at all, to do !!!!!! our mommy only wants us to do the chores ! ugh !!!!! im sorry, but, ANNOYING!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

summer !!!

summer is here and it is VERY VERY VERY hot ! =( cant get outa my room ! :S i have this summer vacation, n i dont no what to do , because
a) its too hott to move
b) we've recently moved to another house n and i have NOTHING at all in my room except for a bed !
c) i'd sit in fronta my computer but it gets way boring after 10 minutes !
d) i'd text my friends but there are no network signals in my room ! =(
e) i'd watch movies but i cant get any DVD's and the internet is just SO slow and annoying !!!!!

ugh ! i hope i dont die of boredom !

Friday, March 4, 2011

love is weird!!!!

love can have u on ur toes! it is very very......!!!!! but its an awsome feeling anyway! makes ur life worth living! :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


*sigh* im taking a break from all the tension, hectic schedule, every kind of things related to my personal life cuz they wont do me any good! boy, does it feel good! seriously, i really dont get why people consider only their own personal issues everything! why dont they think about the real major issues out there! for example pollution! its our own contribution to the destruction of environment! we have ruined this beautiful world, we shud make it the green clean world again! so lets all take a break from our daily routine, think about what we can do! one teeny thing done by us can help many ppl in many jus think!
meeee :D

Thursday, February 3, 2011

happiest day of my life...!!!!!!!!!

happiest day of my life was wen my pet cat gave birth to two sweet lil kittens! u cant imagine how cute they were! n i cudnt believe how happy i was!!! i love em more than anything!!!!!!!!!! =)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

now, its nightmare..... then, its not! -_-

i know when u break up or when someone very dear n close to u, leaves u.....ur whole world seems to be ruined, all those beautiful things seems to crash into tiny pieces in fronta ur eyes, u cant think rite, do anything rite etc etc! u feel as if everything u had has been snatched away from you n things like that! trust me.... its not gona be like that after a couple of weeks! it may seem impossible initially, but eventually it dos happen! so if u've broken up with ur boy friend, or lost a close friend of urs, or didnt get somone u wanted to, all u an do is enjoy the pain, heartache, depression! life dosnt offer u this all the time! its a challenge of life, face it! eventually u'l get over it!!! personally, i kinda miss all that! lol ;D

Saturday, December 18, 2010


i really dont no what im going to do ahead - eduation wise! its really confusing! my parents want me to get in a medical collage but im never going to go there! i have a very confusing choice in my subjects, i hate physics but like maths! i love chemistry and english, dont like biology much! like geography but hate history! i dont no which way to go! =( i hope i choose the rite thing =)