Sunday, January 23, 2011

now, its nightmare..... then, its not! -_-

i know when u break up or when someone very dear n close to u, leaves u.....ur whole world seems to be ruined, all those beautiful things seems to crash into tiny pieces in fronta ur eyes, u cant think rite, do anything rite etc etc! u feel as if everything u had has been snatched away from you n things like that! trust me.... its not gona be like that after a couple of weeks! it may seem impossible initially, but eventually it dos happen! so if u've broken up with ur boy friend, or lost a close friend of urs, or didnt get somone u wanted to, all u an do is enjoy the pain, heartache, depression! life dosnt offer u this all the time! its a challenge of life, face it! eventually u'l get over it!!! personally, i kinda miss all that! lol ;D