Sunday, August 22, 2010

life kinda sucks somtimes....

wat if no one understands u, and everybody tells u what they want u to do? all your mother and father always say is that do not waste your time on stupid things like reading books or the other stuff u really like to do in your free time and all they care about is to get good marks so that u can get into a nice college! would it really hurt them if they say jus for once to take a break for a day, do whatever u want, relax and have fun? even after your las paper of ur final exams, they tell u to work even harder for the coming examz and kinda mentally torture u! i mean we already get that from our teachers, now we dont need our dear parents to do that as well!
your friends! haw! some are real sweet.......they make life beautiful for you, bt some-some close ones- can make this place a hell hole for u! instead of helping u outa your problms, they try to make some whole new prbs for u! having these really huge fights over thats a real headache! i mean some people are really trying to make this place happy for emselves, please let em!
some ppl are sooooooo annoying-they can annoy u to death! make u crazy! and yes that may include ur siblings.......som ppl have nothing to do with u, bt for some reason- i dono what- they dont seem to leave u alone..........
ugh............leaves u to rott n die! lol

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  1. Parents are funny things -- in our incredible love and support for our children, we sometimes push too hard, because we want you to have more than we did -- more money, more security, more options, fewer trials. We don't want you to be hurt, lost, hungry, frightened, or adrift, even though we ourselves were made stronger by our mistakes. Somehow, your mistakes feel like our fault.

    You are right -- it is important to take time off and rest, relax, and rejuvenate, and reading is a wonderful pleasure that too many people have not discovered.

    The "friends" who tear us down are not necessarily friends, but insecure people who feel threatened by us. We often times find friends in the oddest places, and for the longest time we don't realize that they are friends because they don't fit our definition of what a friend is.

    I wish you peace, strength, and energy.